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Solve It with SimScale in 30 Days! Meet the First Winners

Anastasia Churazova
BlogAbout SimScaleSolve It with SimScale in 30 Days! Meet the First Winners

A few weeks ago, we launched the Solve it with SimScale project, and we are pleased to introduce our first winners!

What is Solve It with SimScale?

The Solve it with SimScale project aims to create more industry-relevant simulations within the SimScale Public Project Library, which is a collection of simulation project templates collectively created and shared by the SimScale user community. Users are encouraged to collaborate, bringing together multiple engineering minds to solve challenging simulation problems.

Solve it with SimScale

Who Can Take Part?

The Solve it with SimScale project welcomes all SimScalers who wish to contribute their engineering skills to solve complex simulation projects and share their results with the rest of the user community. Whether you are a topic expert, hobbyist, or a student who would like to improve his or her knowledge of engineering simulation with project-based learning, the door is open.

Simulation Cases

solve it with simscale prizesEach month, three different CFD, FEA, and thermal analysis cases are chosen by our engineering team to be finished during the month. The full list of simulation cases is available in the forum. Each case is based on scientific literature and contains all of the information you need to set up the simulation, including descriptions of the geometry (if you need to download or create it), boundary conditions, results, and important references.

The first user to deliver the simulation within 30 days will get a certificate and various prizes including t-shirts, mugs, pens, and more!

Introducing the First Winners

September: Ramon Papa with his project Cross-Ventilation Flows for a Generic Isolated Building
November: Carlos Guillermo Ramírez Ruiz with his project Validation of Turbulent Flow Around City Blocks
December: Pankaj Kumar with his project Thermal Analysis of CPU with Different Heat Sinks

Here are a few words from two of the winners:

Name: Carlos Guillermo Ramírez Ruiz
Age: 24
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Profession: Computational Wind Engineering (CWE), CFD, Building Aerodynamics

pankaj kumar

Name: Pankaj Kumar
Age: 32
Location: Wuppertal, Germany
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Profession: Simulation Engineering

What made you take on the Solve it with SimScale challenge?

CGRR: I am working on similar benchmarks in my Master’s thesis and I was interested in knowing and evaluating the capabilities of SimScale for future projects in the CWE field. Also, this validation was very useful to complement other results in my thesis and helped me to explore diverse CFD techniques.
PK: I found the project interesting because of the nature of improving the electronic cooling system. This project also allowed me to assess the capabilities of the SimScale platform and take advantage of its flexibility.

What was the biggest challenge in your simulation project?

CGRR: The biggest challenge, in this case, was performing the transient simulations. It was necessary to have many timesteps for a detailed and proper analysis, and SimScale only allowed to save the whole domain for each timestep, generating cases with a lot of information. Also, the absence of the “latestTime” OpenFoam parameter made it difficult to continue the transient simulations, because if one needs more timesteps the simulation must begin from time 0.
PK: The biggest challenge was to reduce the number of cells during meshing in order to achieve the desired accuracy.

What do you think of the SimScale platform?

CGRR: The SimScale platform is a powerful software with many advantages. The most important, in my opinion, is the possibility to run heavy CFD simulations in the cloud. The use of an open source and widely used software such as OpenFOAM gives a detailed setup of the pre-processing, processing and post-processing, thanks to the available documentation. A good practice that I have seen is the continuous feedback related to the platform features, which illustrates a constant improvement of SimScale.
PK: It is very simple to use and covers quite a wide area. Now, this tool is available to more than 100,000 engineers, which in turn will lead to more innovation and better product design. It would be even better if the capabilities of FDS or Other Fire and safety simulation were also available on the platform.

Congratulations! Your certificates and prizes are on the way!

Caught your interest?

Get involved and join the ranks of other ambitious users!

  1. Choose the Solve it with SimScale case that you would like to work on.
  2. Send an email to jmurad[at] with your name, SimScale user ID, and the case you have picked to simulate.
  3. Start working on the project and we will follow up with you regularly in case you need any help along the way.

We are looking forward to your solutions!


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