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Consulting Partner Program: Bridging the Expertise Gap

Anastasia Churazova
BlogAbout SimScaleConsulting Partner Program: Bridging the Expertise Gap

engineering consultant

Have a challenging engineering problem that you don’t know how to approach? Then our Consulting Partner Program is for you!

The SimScale platform was designed to empower all engineers—including those with no prior experience with simulation—to leverage computer-aided engineering (CAE) to design their products better, faster, and more cost-efficiently. To make that possible, we have assembled a vast collection of learning resources to help you make the most of our simulation tools. That includes free workshops and webinars, a SimWiki that covers various physics and simulation concepts, a live chat function that provides support from our engineering team, step-by-step tutorials, our forum where you can get help from the SimScale user community, and much more. However, for cases when the engineering problem at hand is particularly challenging, or the time constraints are high, you might need outside expertise—which is why we started our Consulting Partner Program.

What is the Consulting Partner Program?

Our consulting partners are engineering companies with high technical expertise in fluid dynamicsstructural mechanicsthermodynamics, and more. These companies specialize in different industries and applications that will help you get even the toughest job completed to a high standard. Since 2016, SimScale has been expanding its Consulting Partner Program with the aim of helping companies of all sizes get the most out of engineering simulation. We work to foster long-term partnerships with the members of the program, who use SimScale on real-world structural, thermal, and fluid design challenges and are ready to provide our users with their expert insights.

How Does it Work?

Each member of our Consulting Partner Program has a dedicated page on the SimScale website, where their individual expertise is listed. If you are interested in working with a consultant on one of your projects, either reach out to them directly via the partner page or get in contact with our support team—we will connect you to the right partner based on region and required expertise.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Successfully solving most engineering problems is a demanding process—you need the right software and hardware tools, highly qualified and trained people to operate them, as well as industry-specific experience. Having all the necessary resources in-house is not impossible, but is challenging for any company. Consulting a member of our Consulting Partner Program or outsourcing parts of your product development process to them can not only save you time and money but also ensure that your final design is reliable and competitive.

By employing the engineering services of one of our consulting partners you will get access to:

  • results of advanced technological tools, including the SimScale engineering simulation platform
  • the expertise of highly trained engineering specialists, with years of experience
  • specialized skills
  • industrial know-how
  • a fresh outside perspective

All of the above would result in a cost- and time-efficient solution, without any large upfront investments in software, hardware, personnel, or research. Consulting an external engineering expert can be invaluable to small businesses without their own engineering departments, as well as large companies that want to supplement their in-house engineering departments.

Our Partners

As of today, we have nine highly competent consulting partners, with expertise across various industries, including aerospace, HVAC, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, and shipbuilding.

custom machines, crane design structural analysis with feaCustom Machines — Design and Testing of Purpose Machines for Industrial Applications. Custom Machines specializes in the design of special purpose machines for industrial applications. The company services a wide range of industries including mining, rolling stock, transport, food, agriculture, and manufacturing. 
How you can collaborate. If the following areas are among your consulting needs, then Custom Machines can help with: structural analysis to identify failure mechanisms or to predict failure modes, structural design to eliminate failure or maximize life, validation of simulation results with experimental testing, optimization, and more.

msa engineering consultant projectMSA — Engineering the Future: Design, Analyze, Build. With over 25 years of mechanical engineering experience, MSA provides complete product development support for small companies or startups to help them get their ideas to market.
How you can collaborate. MSA has experience with several applications, including fan blade and turbine blade static or frequency analysis, locomotive fuel tank rupture analysis, nonlinear dynamic, vacuum pump stand failure analysis, harmonic analysis, concrete finishing trowel structural analysis, linear and nonlinear static, copier scanner support analysis, linear static, and thermal effects.

solidtrust engineering consultant projectSolidTrust — Specialists in Product Design, Optimization, and Validation. SolidTrust Technologies is committed to bringing innovative engineering design solutions to customers, working smarter and faster to transform their design ideas into substantial business growth.
How you can collaborate. SolidTrust can solve your design-related issues through its vast industrial experience and use of advanced technological tools. Its expertise includes product design and GD&T, identification/prediction and elimination of failures, validation equipment lifetime and its improvement towards the design, and more.

streamwise engineering consultant projectStreamwise— Specialists in Simulation and Experimental Validation. Streamwise provides professional expertise in the field of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, granting you access to more than 50 years of combined expertise in simulation, experimental validation, and practical engineering.
How you can collaborate. With customers from a multitude of industry verticals and specializing in simulation and experimental validation, Streamwise can help you with troubleshooting, system layout, modeling and design, and fluid and thermodynamic concepts for product or process development.

metalgentech engineering consultant projectMetalGenTech — Engineering Services Company Specialized in Metallurgy. MetalGenTech is an engineering service company specialized in fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and electromagnetics with a strong metallurgical background.
How you can collaborate. The company’s expertise includes ironmaking (thermal flow for tuyere in blast furnace, thermoelastic behavior of stave, ore behavior in rotary kiln), refining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (thermal stress analysis of refractory, thermal flow of molten metal in melting furnace and steelmaking vessels (KR, converter, ladle, VD and RH), and more.

simulmax engineering consultant projectSimulmax — Computer-Aided Modeling and Simulation. Simulmax helps companies to develop physical models and simulations of their products, systems, and processes for design, improvement, and optimization with the aid of computer tools.
How you can collaborate. The company’s expertise includes: blow molding product and process optimization for Bus Rapid Transit HDPE seats, injection valve’s internal surface wear by silt particles in 125 kW Pelton turbines (Chivor Hydroelectric Plant), stress, strain, and temperature during chip formation in metal-cutting processes and more.

flowmotion engineering consultant projectFlowMotion — Experts in CFD and Heat Transfer. FlowMotion offers consultancy in fluid dynamics and heat transfer, which play a major role in nearly all industries. The engineers at FlowMotion investigate, analyze, consult and guide their clients to make their process and product development less time-consuming and more cost-efficient. They specialize in Automotive, HVAC, power, oil and gas, sports, aerospace, and more. 
How you can collaborate. If you are looking for consultancy and engineering services related to computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer analyses, FlowMotion is the company you’re looking for. 

desanco engineering consultant projectDesanco — CFD and Thermal Analysis Services for HVAC. Desanco is a leading engineering consultancy that provides services to the built environment, oil and gas, water and environment, mining, defense, and aerospace industries.
How you can collaborate. With customers from a multitude of industry verticals and specializing in CFD and thermal analysis, Desanco can help you mainly with HVAC applications, including car park ventilation (including impulse fans), HVAC optimization, fire and smoke, thermal comfort, natural ventilation assessments or exhaust and toxic gas assessments.

senid engineering consultant projectSenid — Design and Consultancy Services. Senid, Servicios en Ingeniería Dinámica S.A.S. – Dynamic Engineering Services, is a Colombian company dedicated to engineering services in design and consultancy.
How you can collaborate. With customers from the construction, industrial equipment (pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping, machinery) and shipbuilding industries, Senid’s expertise includes davit crane analysis and design (finite element analysis for stress and deformation assessment), fatigue analysis of dents in an oil pipeline, and more.

Didn’t find a partner whose expertise fits your particular engineering project? Then contact us and our engineering team would be happy to advise you!


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