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Bits & Pretzels 2017: Startup Spirit with a Finale at Oktoberfest

BlogAbout SimScaleBits & Pretzels 2017: Startup Spirit with a Finale at Oktoberfest

bits & pretzelsThe Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival is going into a new round this September and SimScale is proud to be part of it, as one of the Network Partners! The festival connects 5000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists from around the world in Munich. On September 24th – 26th 2017, the startup scene will come together. The best part: the last day takes place at the Oktoberfest!

What is Bits & Pretzels?

Bits & Pretzels is a 3-day conference for founders and people from the startup ecosystem. The Founders’ festival brings together the world’s leading entrepreneurs and investors to share their ideas on emerging technologies and trends in digital business. Expect high-quality speeches, exciting panel-discussions, startup-specific workshops, as well as unique matchmaking and networking opportunities, with a grand finale at the original Oktoberfest.

29504179854_59f9da8939_kThe history of Bits & Pretzels started in September 2014. At that time, Andreas Bruckschlögl and Dr. Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande initiated it as a cosy Bavarian Founders’ breakfast, with the goal to give the Munich startup ecosystem a platform to network, which later became the largest founders breakfast in the world. This has already taken place twice at the “Löwenbräukeller” in Munich. In September 2015, the two founders, together with chairman Felix Haas, established a completely new event concept. Bits & Pretzels became an annual 3-day Founders’ festival loaded with keynote speakers, discussions and an epic finale at the Oktoberfest on the last day of the event. In 2016, the festival gained international attention with high-class speakers, such as the founder of Virgin and self-made millionaire Richard Branson, as well as the actor and startup investor Kevin Spacey.

Bits & Pretzels Day 1&2: Keynotes, Workshops, Startup Pitch & Academy

Bits & Pretzels will start off with two days of inspiring speakers and presentations from successful and influential founders from the digital world. Exciting workshops and panel discussions complete the program. Particularly startups will be offered a well-balanced program through the Bits & Pretzels “startup academy”, with specific lectures for founders in the initial stage. In addition, hundreds of startups compete on the startup pitch stage on the first day of the event. The winner will be chosen during the big pitch final at the end of the second day. Later stage startups, looking for Series A or B Capital, can also pitch on an extra stage in front of investors. Startups can furthermore present their ideas at their own stands at the startup exhibition. To facilitate the exchange between the participants, various networking formats are offered, such as a networking tool to schedule appointments prior to the event.

Bits & Pretzels Day 3: Networking at the Oktoberfest

This year, the third day of Bits & Pretzels 2017 will take place at the Oktoberfest using the well-tried networking concept: attendees can choose in advance per “first-come-first-serve” principle, the “Table Captain” they want to sit with. The Table Captains are renowned people from the startup ecosystem, who will share their experience, ideas, and advice with the attendees. Thus, the well-tried networking concept will facilitate bringing the participants together.

To get a feeling what to expect, watch their highlight video!

Join us on 24th – 26th September 2017 for high-quality speeches, exciting discussions, startup-specific workshops, and unique networking opportunities!


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