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Avionics Equipment Simulation — A Thermal Analysis & FEA Story

BlogFEAAvionics Equipment Simulation — A Thermal Analysis & FEA Story

Avionik plane avionics

Founded in 1977, AVIONIK STRAUBING has been operating at the Straubing-Wallmuehle airport as a certified airplane maintenance and repair station. It is one of the leading avionics facilities in Germany. The company develops and manufactures avionics equipment on customer orders for general aviation, commercial aviation and military.

Its licensing includes PART 145 (EASA- Authorization No. DE.145.0010) and FAA certification (FAA-Certification No. AQQY020K) and is the basis for servicing the complete general aviation up to the executive and business sector.

As one of the leading avionics facilities in Germany, AVIONIK STRAUBING is specialized in the maintenance, development, approval, and production of aircraft electronics, including hardware systems, software products, and electromechanical systems.

Most of their products include several mechanical parts, such as heat sinks or other cooling devices. For these products, the company must consider different aspects, including the environmental stress and the right heat dissipation.

Thermal and Solid Mechanics Simulation for Avionics

For these applications, the company is utilizing engineering simulation—particularly the SimScale cloud-based CAE platform—to perform thermal analyses and solid mechanics simulations.

The engineers were happy with the results. “The simulations performed with SimScale are very useful for our design engineers to get the right results, as they dramatically reduce the number of modifications of the prototype. Since we started using the platform, we go relaxed to the approval process of our systems, when we test the system by using a temperature chamber, a vibration platform, and so on. What we like most about SimScale is the accuracy of the results and the interface—it’s very easy to handle. And of course, the support. The team is always there to help us,” said Ludwig Gruenner, Head of Production at AVIONIK STRAUBING.

Knowing about their success with SimScale, we asked the team at AVIONIK to be part of our company video last year. They were extremely welcoming, and it was such an amazing experience to see manufactured products that were simulated with our software being assembled into the plane.

Avionik aircraft, avionics equipment

If you haven’t yet, we invite you to watch our company video and see the fragment of our customer’s story:

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