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Introducing SolidTrust – Product Design, Automation and Validation

BlogAbout SimScaleIntroducing SolidTrust – Product Design, Automation and Validation

A new engineering company has joined the SimScale Consulting Partner Program, bringing expertise in product design, optimization, and validation. We’re delighted to introduce SolidTrust Technologies, a trusted partner with vast experience in implementing design and analysis solutions for a wide range of industry verticals, including automotive, general and special purpose machines, food processing machinery, agricultural equipment, special fixtures, electrical and electronics, and manufacturing process design optimization.

The company’s expertise includes product design, GD&T, design automation, and design validation, focusing on:

  • Static and dynamic linear solutions for structures
  • Static and dynamic nonlinear solutions structures
  • Steady-state and transient thermal solutions
  • Flow simulations for Internal and external cases
  • Plastics material flow validation

How can you collaborate?

Introducing SolidTrust logoSolidTrust can solve design-related issues, calling on their years of industrial experience and using advanced technological tools. Along with other solutions, SimScale for simulation and Onshape for CAD design are integrated into their work process.

If you need consulting in one of the areas below, SolidTrust could be a perfect fit:

  • Product design and GD&T
  • Identification/prediction and elimination of failures
  • Validation of equipment lifetime and its improvement towards the design
  • Product optimization for mass production and performance
  • Process optimization through improving process designs
  • Design automation
  • Process/plant automation

The SimScale Consulting Partner Program aims to help our users who are not familiar with engineering simulation and the SimScale cloud-based CAE platform to get expert assistance and consulting services for their product design, testing, prototyping, and simulation.

If you are interested in collaborating with SolidTrust on your project, request a quote by following this link.



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