Friendship Systems and SimScale: Partnership for Product Design

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SimScale and Friendship Systems

After a successful workshop organized together in June, SimScale and FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS join forces to provide engineering professionals and designers with two powerful tools that are changing the world of product design.

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS company logoFRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS’s product CAESES® Free has been developed for simulation-driven design of flow-exposed surfaces. The tool is suited for anyone from any industry who needs free and powerful 3D CAD for parametric modeling. In addition, it offers integration and automation of simulation tools, and this is where SimScale comes in the scene.

Being completely web-based, the SimScale platform allows you to simulate your designs in the cloud, from any device and without the overhead traditional on-premises software brings, that requires hardware investments and licences.

CAESES is not yet cloud-based, but offers integration with multiple CAE platforms. So far customers used CAESES mostly together with integrated CFD simulation tools. This allowed to design and develop better products, faster, and at lower cost. Typical areas of interest include turbomachines, ducts and manifolds, engine components, aerodynamic bodies, ship hulls, amongst others.

The collaboration with SimScale opens a new, broad spectrum of possible analysis for the users. The designs created in CAESES can be exported to the SimScale platform, where numerical analyses can be performed. Great variety of simulation types provided by SimScale allows to simulate flow performance of the parts with CFD and also gives access to finite element analysis (FEA) which helps to understand the structural aspects of the design, like robustness, stress, and vibration vulnerability, strength, possible deformations.

The parametric design preparation provided by CAESES and extensive simulation capabilities of SimScale platform bring the collaborative CAE process to the next level.

Keep an eye on us, more free webinars and learning resources are planned, to help users design better products!

In the meantime, you can watch the recordings of our workshop sessions here: Simulation-based Design of Complex Geometries.

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