Financial Perks Offered by SimScale: 5 Arguments for CFOs


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Financial advantages still have a strategic position in any software investment decision. Starting from individual professionals, to startups, SMB and enterprise companies, solution cost is one of key factors in purchasing option. But is not the only cost factor.

Dramatic changes in software purchasing process

Software industry transformation from simple product license to professional solutions implementation changed purchasing process. Software as a Service “pay as you go” delivery model introduced more dramatic changes. Product or solution price is important, but other essential factors conduct to final decision. Hidden costs related to maintenance, upgrade, cross-grade, IT support, users training, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return of Investment) are new metrics considered as financial advantages by CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs.

Generated by business needs for better solutions, quick delivery and cost reduction, Cloud model is by excellence a better alternative for financial balance. In the recent article “10 Reasons Why Cloud CAE / Simulation is The Better Option” we made a radiography of benefits offered by Cloud services models comparing with perpetual licenses software for the users of SaaS engineering solutions. But Cloud adoption has more advantages. Here will try to focus on financial arguments covering the economic impact of new CAE solutions offered 100% in Cloud.

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Any purchase request proposal should have solid financial advantages: solid technical, economical and productivity-related arguments.

Speaking about 3D simulation software, this process gets more complicated. Here overlapping investment may reach values with 6-7 digits. Cloud solutions’ flexible subscription plans can be essential for a good budget estimation, depending on the business’ development needs.

5 key financial advantages offered by SimScale 

Why to move to a Cloud CAE platform? There are plenty of strong arguments but doing more with less can be the essential decision factor. Here are top 5 financial advantages arguments essential in any budgeting exercise:

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Zero CapEx investment – Working with our own hardware, software and associated services we’re looking at upfront capital costs. But with Cloud solutions, financing that capital investment is someone else’s problem. Cloud eliminates CapEx investment need offering more flexible and predictable Operational expenditure (OpEx) based on utilities services subscription model. This is one of the most important financial advantages.

And SimScale is offering a flexible pricing model able to fit any organization needs. This relaxes the financial balance by moving the whole model cost from CapEx to OpEx. SimScale’s cuctomers can choose the best subscription model depending on the project’s difficulty and the available financial resources. For individual engineers or small consultancy companies, the SimScale Professional Plan based on 170 EUR monthly fee with annual subscription is ideas compared to thousands of Euro capital investment in traditional license-based CAE software. Upgrading to the Enterprise level with 850 EUR/ month subscription fee on annual basis plan is still more than worth considering for large companies. The only problem of the customer in both cases is how to better invest the savings they get.

No infrastructure spending – running simulation software is a computing demanding process. Big CAD data volumes, complex algorithms and repetitive optimization iterations need powerful graphic processors, volume storage space and large bandwidth connections. This is money demanding. Any powerful workstation should be renewed after average 3 years. 

Cloud-based solutions eliminate the needs for supplementary investment in hardware and networking infrastructure. As a SimScale user you only need a web browser and Internet access to run very complex simulation processes. Subscription model is based on cost per core hour. Even for most computing demanding instances you benefit from 3000 core hours for computing quota and 500 GB storage space in Professional plan and 30000 core hours and 5000 GB storage for Enterprise plan. You simulate when you need and pay for what you use. This unique payment flexibility is saving you money.

No hidden costs – one of  the critical issues of engineering software offered as perpetual licenses is low predictability of additional expenses. A life licence could offer the warranty that you have a suitable software for company’s business needs. But engineering projects request more software resources, additional licenses, application updates, maintenance fees, training and professional IT support. Without a very smart cost control is difficult to keep investment balance in estimated figures.

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As any SaaS solution, the SimScale platform gives the benefit of predictable costs both for subscription and administration fees. With SimScale you don’t pay for the license, additional software, and don’t need to upgrade the software. Just refresh your browser. Moreover, the SimScale pricing grid allows you to start with simulation for free and scale the simulation capacity as you need. No large fixed expenses, no maintenance fees, no long-term commitment.


Quick time to market – Time is money. Using traditional CAE software can conduct to time delays frustrations, with bad consequence for manufacturing process timing schedule. Workflow collaboration between different engineering, design and development teams should be carefully managed in order to keep the project deadlines. Any communication error and collaboration between people and teams can generate delays in product delivery, with supplementary time and money expenses. 

With the SimScale platform you have to manage only the simulation effective time. Any new user has instant access to the software with no complicated configuration. Open source flexibility and rapid integration of any pre-designed CAD model cut the time to benefit and allows rapid demo and prototyping. Moreover, the sharing options on SimScale allow a more accurate and fast collaboration between the team members, or project co-workers. From any location, and from multiple devices, and without any delay threat.

SS Investment

Fast investment recoveryROI evaluation is a must in any engineering project. Using traditional CAE software, any miss-function, miss-fitting, and unpredicted cost could generate supplementary investment and final delivery delays. All these seems more time and supplementary resources to deadline recovery and critical time for initial investment recovery.

All the benefits brought by Software-as-a-Service conduct to fast recovery of operational costs. Small rental fees, management flexibility, smart predictability of subscription plans, and fast delivery of products to market contribute to the decrease of all initial project budgets. Having 10 time less average expenses than using traditional CAE software, SimScale’s clients clients are 10 time faster on the market. By no longer having to worry about constant server updates, hardware replacement, CAD and CAE software updates, supplementary IT resources and other computing issues, engineering teams are free to concentrate on production innovation and quality process issues.

Whether you are working for a startup, an established mid-sized or a large corporation, your management team should explore how full-Cloud CAE solutions can enable these dramatic savings – while simultaneously improving your entire design and manufacturing process.

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