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Introducing the Consulting Partner Program: Custom Machines

BlogAbout SimScaleIntroducing the Consulting Partner Program: Custom Machines

We created SimScale with the purpose of enabling every engineering professional in the world to design better products faster and more cost-efficiently by providing easier access to engineering simulation. Through Public Projects, the CAE forumworkshops, tutorials, blog articles, documentation and professional training, we are determined to empower you to run high-quality, accurate and effective simulation projects yourself.

Custom Machines engineering consultant gantry crane simulation stress analysis

But sometimes you come across a project that requires specific domain know-how, more experience with a new analysis type, or one that simply needs more hands on deck. To cope with these projects, we are now adding a new component to the SimScale ecosystem: the Consulting Partner Program. We have chosen engineering companies with high technical expertise covering fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics and more, specializing in different industries and applications that will help you get even the toughest job done.

How Does the Consulting Partner Program Work?

Starting today, we will present one consulting partner at a time. If you’re already part of the SimScale community, you might have seen many of the partners already actively participating as contributors to the forum and public projects. Additionally, each partner will have a dedicated page on the SimScale website, where the individual expertise is listed. If you are interested in working with a consultant on one of your projects, either reach out to them directly via the partner page or get in contact with our support. We will connect you with the right partner based on region and required expertise.

With that being said, we’re happy to introduce our first consulting partner:

Custom Machines – Industrial Machine Design

Custom Machines specializes in the design of special-purpose machines for industrial applications. They service a wide range of industries including mining, rolling stock, transportation, food, agriculture, and manufacturing.

CUSTOM MACHINES logoEstablished in 2008 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Custom Machines has built a reputation for high-quality designs and innovative solutions to complex machine design requirements. Areas of expertise include mechanical design, automation, simulation, and data acquisition.

With experience in all types of structural and thermal simulation (static, dynamic, modal, linear and non-linear, etc.), Custom Machines is specialized in a diverse range of structures, including vehicle chassis, bogies, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, and other industrial processing machines.

Success Story

Custom Machines was a leading provider of the mechanical and electrical design work for the spiral former pictured below.

Spiral Former

This special-purpose machine creates the barrels for grain silos, automatically. It can form barrels that are 3-6 m in diameter. The spiral walls are locked together in a fast roll-forming process. A typical barrel, 5 m in diameter and 6 m tall, can be formed in around five minutes.

Ben Lewis Custom Machines engineering consultant

Managed by experienced engineer Ben Lewis, Custom Machines specializes in structural mechanics and thermal analysis for industrial machines.

If the following areas are among your consulting needs, then Custom Machines is right for you:

  • Structural analysis to identify failure mechanisms or to predict failure modes
  • Structural design to eliminate failure or maximize product life
  • Validation of simulation results with experimental testing (strain gauging)
  • Optimization (stress, deflection, weight, etc.)

Learn more about Custom Machines on our website or contact the company directly to discuss a potential collaboration by submitting this form.


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