5 New HVAC Applications Simulated

HVAC is one of the many industries that rely on engineering simulation to analyze, virtually test, and improve product designs.

At SimScale, we have been adding new features to our simulation platform to meet the needs of HVAC engineers, designers, and manufacturers. These innovative features are aimed at helping HVAC professionals create better products and more effectively manage their projects.

Whether they design air conditioning, ventilation systems, heat exchangers or heat sinks, our clients are using simulation to increase thermal comfort, save energy, enhance efficiency, improve air quality, and significantly boost the performance of their HVAC applications and systems.

The SimScale Community plays an important role in helping our users perform successful simulations. With an extensive catalog of over 15,000 simulations, the Public Projects Library includes project templates that you can copy and edit according to your product specifications. Using the existing setup, you can easily start your own simulation.

An older article includes 5 simulations of HVAC  applications that you can use for free as templates. Now let’s take a look at five more that have recently been created in SimScale’s Public projects:

1. Cooling of Server Room

sever room cooling simulation CFD

This project simulates the air conditioning of a server room. You can find a full webinar recording on how to perform this CFD analysis here.

2. Ventilation of an Aircraft Cabin

aircraft cabin simulation ventilation

This project simulates the airflow in an aircraft cabin. Two configurations and their effect on the airflow pattern are shown.

3. Smoke Propagation in a Garage


smoke propagation garage simulation

This CFD simulation investigates the propagation of smoke in a parking garage environment. Watch the recording of a webinar based on this project here.


4. Natural Convection and Thermal Comfort in a Kitchen

kitchen mesh

This simulation illustrates how to create a model simulation for heating of a room (in this case a kitchen) and how to analyze results for different scenarios. Watch the recording of a webinar based on this project here.

5. Ventilation Analysis for Contamination Control of a Cleanroom

clean room CFD analysis

Simulation of a ventilation system’s design of a cleanroom analyzed via laminar steady state simulations with a scalar quantity. Watch a webinar recording explaining how to perform this simulation here.

If you’re interested in learning more about HVAC applications of engineering simulation and how it can help you virtually test and improve your HVAC  design, you can find more information in this article: HVAC Equipment Optimization with the SimScale Platform

Also, we invite you to create a free SimScale account and give the platform a try! There are plenty of learning resources to help you get started. You can start with this webinar.

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