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4Delta Education – In Action with SimScale and Onshape

BlogAbout SimScale4Delta Education – In Action with SimScale and Onshape

How should progress be defined in the world of technology? Is progress characterized by shorter lead times? Laboratory breakthroughs? More efficient teams? Cheaper processes, or potentially a combination of all of the above? One thing is for sure: progress is catalyzed by the automated digitization of our world, where central to all is communication. New terminologies have sprung up to describe elements of this communication revolution, namely the Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing and big data analytics among others.

4Delta Education SimScale

The industry has followed suit, being an important adopter of new technologies and bracing themselves for what they see as a positive impact. This revolution has been branded as Industry 4.0.

An example of this is where the combination of traditional computer engineering tools and cloud technology has created innovative collaboration platforms. With the announcement of Onshape for computer-aided design (CAD) and SimScale for computer-aided engineering (CAE), as well as their default cross-platform integration, we are witnessing the transition from typically hardware and software-dependent computational tools to being fully available on the Cloud. This creates a more efficient and fluid teamwork environment. At the same time, it removes the burden of expensive hardware and complex licensing protocols, and updates since all the operations are seamlessly managed via the Cloud.

While progressive steps are taken in our working methods and technologies, experts have voiced fears of an imminent technical skills gap. In the UK alone, this might compromise the country’s £27bn annual stake in engineering by the turn of this decade. Given the interdependence of modern globalized societies, this problem is not exclusive to a single country, as indicated by the latest Hays’s global skill index.

At 4Delta Education, we truly believe that education is central to all. In our efforts to address the worries of technical education, we have created a cloud-based training platform dedicated to bringing high-tech knowledge to all—individuals and groups (professional or academic) alike.

With our partners, Onshape, Inc. and SimScale GmbH, we have created content addressing the needs of newcomers to the world of 3D design and engineering analysis. Our unique e-course in advanced CAD and elementary finite element analysis aims to deliver the tools needed to develop independent designers with a solid foundation in engineering. Upon completion of the course, our trainees will be able to master complex design ideas using Onshape and three-dimensional finite element analysis through the use of SimScale. We treat education as a growth process, and this is reflected in our post-training programme where we continue to offer trainees support through our private forum, which was established to address on-going concerns and provide in-depth updates about new trends in the industry.

This e-course follows our first installment of technical knowledge, which addresses fundamental 3D design skills and the 3D printing.

About 4Delta

4Delta Group is a London-based company that was established by a team of experienced scientists and engineers devoted to advancing materials technology. As part of our vision for a sustainable, secure and fairer world, we have created 4Delta Education, where you will find a series of carefully formulated training courses designed to bring technology, science and the arts closer to you. For more information, visit us at and

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