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SimScale Wants Your Article — Be Our Guest Blogger

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale Wants Your Article — Be Our Guest Blogger

At SimScale we’re not only building a new simulation solution but an ecosystem in which functionality, people, and content are brought together in one place enabling them to build better products.

The functionality of our computer-aided engineering platform is always improving with each regular product release (this month, we added conjugate heat transfer).

Engineering professionals are asking questions, sharing simulation knowledge, and forming a large CAE community through the Forum and the Public Projects Library.

We also provide informative content through our regular blog articles, tutorials, webinars, and documentation. We want to be the place where engineering professionals meet and exchange their knowledge and ideas, and thus we would like to open our blog to everyone interested in sharing their expertise.

SimScale Guest Blogger

Write an Article for the SimScale Blog

Become a guest blogger on the SimScale blog and write content that helps and inspires the other members of the community. Examples of article topics can be “How to set up boundary conditions”, “How to optimize a fuel tank in motorsports”, “Relief Valve Analysis with 6 DoF Motion“, Bridge Design: Elastomeric Bearing Pads and their Role, but you are free to choose the topic that interests you most.

You can write about simulation tips, mechanical engineering in general, a project you’ve worked on, a simulation, case study, how simulation is being used in your industry, or anything you think might be interesting for engineering professionals and agreed upon by our Marketing team.

By writing on the SimScale blog, you can have your expertise recognized by thousands of community members and can help others grow their engineering knowledge.

And if you enjoy writing, we can make it a mid/long-term collaboration — with financial compensation, of course.

So, would you like to be our next guest blogger? Just write an email to marketing [at] and tell us about your expertise.


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