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The SimScalator – March Edition’s Winner

BlogAbout SimScaleThe SimScalator – March Edition’s Winner

SimScalator March edition winner

In a previous article, we explained what the SimScalator is and presented the previous winners with their simulations.

Now that we have had a new contest and announced a new winner—or not so new, as you will see—we would like to show you the participants of the March edition and their work.

So here they are! The crème de la crème:

Vibration Analysis of a Barbell in a Fitness Studio

Gyms are often located on the top floors of business towers. Some bodybuilders can lift more than 200kg of iron. The goal of Alex Fisher, our co-founder and product manager, was to analyze the forces and introduce vibrations into the concrete ceiling of underlying offices if those weights are dropped.

The simulation was focused on a so-called dynamic drop analysis, which involves contact resolution between the floor and the barbell.

You can see his simulation project here.

Shark Hydrodynamics

Determined to perform her first simulation, our marketing and community director, Agata Krzysztofik, decided to use the dolphin simulation created by our user Roozbeh in the Public Projects as a template. She put her own twist on it by choosing to simulate a shark instead.

Shark CAD Onshape


After creating her CAD model with Onshape, Agata transferred it to the SimScale platform and created the mesh.

Her busy work schedule didn’t give her enough time to perform the simulation in time for the competition, but she did provide great suggestions to improve the platform. And she’s determined to finish it for the next SimScalator!

Tent Heating Equipment Simulation

In Germany and many other countries, using tents for events is very popular—regardless the season. For winter, tent rental companies offer top-notch heating equipment to ensure comfort.

These heaters are typically connected to the tent via a tunnel, through which heated air is blown inside. Experts often try to determine how long before an event the heating should be started to allow the tent to warm up. Our managing director, David Heiny, decided to use SimScale to find out.

Tent Heating Equipment Simulation

 DEM Bucket Wheel Analysis – The Winner

After winning the SimScalator in September last year, Kristina Lowe, our business developer, decided to take on a new challenge. For this edition, she performed a DEM bucket wheel analysis.

Being new to particle analyses, she had to do some research and find materials that would help her be successful with her simulation. We’re already used to her determination, so we were not surprised at all to see her presentation with the analysis results.

But this doesn’t mean we were not impressed. Yes, you guessed it! With her complex simulation successfully finalized and the platform improvement suggestions she presented, Kristina won the SimScalator for the second time!

Congrats to her and to all the participants!

So here she goes again! Kristina won the SimScalator for the second time. She keeps getting better and better at this, doesn’t she?

Keep yourself posted for the next SimScalator. I’m sure our team members are already preparing some great simulations!Kristina Lowe - SimScalator winner


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