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7 Frequently Asked Questions about SimScale

BlogAbout SimScale7 Frequently Asked Questions about SimScale

We have compiled a list of 7 Frequently Asked Questions about SimScale for you to get to know the platform better. Here they are, top 7 FAQs:

1. What is the SimScale Mission?

Our mission is to incorporate simulation into the standard engineering software stack by making it more accessible for everyone. The majority of people involved in technical product development are not taking advantage of the potential that simulation technology can offer them to achieve a better, faster, and cheaper product design process.

2. Simulation in a web browser, how does it work?

With SimScale you have a powerful 3D engineering simulation tool – CAD upload, mesh, simulation, results – right in your web browser. By harnessing the power of the cloud, there are no installations, license fees, service packs, registration codes, etc.

When you log into the SimScale platform on your web browser, you are brought directly to the Dashboard which provides an overview of all of your activity on the platform. From the Dashboard you can create a new project and upload a CAD model to the Workbench environment. The workbench is where the meshing, simulation setup, and simulation runs are done. Once the simulation is complete you have access to the results which can be post-processed online in SimScale. Another option is to download the results and post-process them offline using ParaView.

The SimScale Community, provides free access to thousands of simulation projects which can be copied and used for learning or to create new simulations. From beginners to advanced users, the community is a place for ‘crowdsourcing’ engineering simulation knowledge.

Simulate with SimScale

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3. What simulation types are supported?

SimScale supports 5 simulation types:

These simulation types are based on cutting-edge open source solver technology including OpenFOAM, Code_Aster, CalculiX, SU2 and YADE.

4. Can I run multiple simulations at the same time?

Yes, one of the benefits of the SimScale platform is that you can have multiple simulations running at the same time. These simulations run in the background so you have full use of the platform at all times.

5. Can I collaborate with other SimScale users?

Since SimScale data is cloud native, it is easy to collaborate on projects with other users.

The first option is to generate a public link for your project, which you can post in a forum or somewhere else where SimScale users can see it. With this link any other SimScale user can import your project into his workspace. You will get a notification email each time your link is being used.

The second option is to invite someone to your project. This can either be one of your colleagues who is also using SimScale or a client. By typing in the email address of the recipient, you can send him the invitation to accept the copy of your project.

6. How secure is SimScale?

When it comes to transferring confidential and sensitive data via the internet, high security requirements are imperative. Our robust and flexible security architecture is trusted by companies around the world.

  • Encrypted data during upload and download

When data is transferred to or from the SimScale platform, it is protected with industry standard encryption technology.

  • Encrypted CAD and simulation data

We exclusively use AES encrypted hard-drives on our servers as well as in external data centers to ensure highest data security. Security is an integral part of the SimScale philosophy. We have a dedicated team focusing solely on data and platform security.

  • Secured password

Your password is not stored in plain text but only as salted hash. That is in a form that makes it practically impossible for anyone to find out your password even with access to our database. As stated in our terms and conditions, we will not sell, trade or give away your CAD or simulation data.

  • Backup on multiple encrypted servers

We protect your data by redundantly backing it up to multiple encrypted backup servers.

7. What are the best resources for getting started?

Have more questions in addition to these 7 Frequently Asked Questions about SimScale? Please let us know in the comments below.

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