How Can Your Company Benefit from a SaaS Solution?

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Making Simulation More Accessible with a SaaS Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS) — described as the online delivery of a program suite — is a simple and cost-effective concept: rather than buying a license for an application such as traditional engineering simulation software, a company rents the application (a SaaS solution) which is hosted on the developing company’s servers; this relationship gives you more flexibility and less overhead in maintaining the application.

In the past, engineering simulation software required a large up-front investment, even though the profitability or success of the project was unknown at the time, making the CAE technology inaccessible to many smaller companies. Now things have changed. With SimScale’s browser-based simulation platform, delivered as SaaS, companies have access to powerful, industry standard simulation technology, priced according to their usage.

If you are a small company with a few simulation projects, you only pay for what you need, and if your company is growing and increasing its needs for simulation, you can scale up. With a browser-based solution, you keep your upfront investment low and can start risk-free with CFD, FEA or thermal simulation.

Benefits of SaaS

Here are a few benefits of a SaaS solution:

Flexible pricing

  • A reasonable monthly fee for access
  • Scalability according to usage
  • Flexible payment terms

No large upfront hardware or software investment

  • Higher cash flow
  • More working capital
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

All software resides in the cloud (off-site servers and infrastructure)

  • All software upgrades and improvements are invisible and painless to the user
  • Ubiquitous (24/7) access
  • No extra cost for upgrades

Maintenance is already covered

  • No need for a complex, internal IT staff
  • Automatic upgrades means the software is always up to date
  • No security overhead

How Does Saving with a SaaS Solution Work?

For most companies, the total cost of ownership is the most important long-term variable when considering SaaS, compared to on-premises software. According to the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey, using SaaS reduces the total cost of ownership and allows companies to save, but where do these savings come from?

Cost of Ownership Source of Savings with SaaS
Application infrastructure testing and deployment SaaS does not require infrastructure and application testing.
Basic infrastructure testing and deployment SaaS does not require infrastructure and application testing or deployment.
Training Training requirements are lowered through simple user interfaces and self-training aids.
Customization at deployment Limited customization reduces deployment time.
Future customization due to changes in business processes SaaS vendors monitor customer usage to enhance product, and customers provide feedback to influence feature functionality.
Data center rental, operations, security, compliance, and monitoring of incidents and resolutions SaaS includes these costs in the subscription price.
Software maintenance SaaS includes maintenance in the subscription price.
Unscheduled downtime SaaS has greater reliability than on-premises software.
Unused licenses Reduces unused licenses because users are added only as needed.

This was a short overview of the advantages that SaaS solutions bring. If you’re interested in simulation software delivered as a service, you should know that SimScale can save you up to 80-90% on the cost of annual license fees of hosted software packages, while giving the freedom to simulate your designs wherever and whenever you want. All you need is your browser and an Internet connection to run a numerical analysis!

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