Consumer Product Testing: Why Designers Should Simulate with SimScale

consumer product testing bike frame stress analysis fea

In a previous article, we talked about the role of engineering simulation in the consumer goods industry. Now, we will focus on the SimScale platform and how you can virtually test and perform consumer product testing with simulation in a web browser.

Keep reading; several free simulation templates also await.

SimScale’s Advantages in Consumer Product Testing

By simply opening it in a web browser, the SimScale engineering simulation platform could have a major impact in product cost reduction, quality improvement, and effectiveness in market releases. SimScale offers various analysis types, helping companies operating in the consumer goods industry simulate designs and use the resulting data and the 3D visualizations to create better products.

Cloud-based, robust, and easy-to-use, SimScale helps you perform consumer product testing in a virtual environment, with Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, and Thermodynamics analysis types.

There is a wide range of consumer products that can benefit from simulation. From sports equipment, bikes, and electronics to automobiles and motorcycles, a variety of product designs can be virtually tested and optimized in less time and at a lower cost.

consumer product testing carbon fiber racing wheel design cfd simulation

Designing Premium Racing Wheels (Tokyowheel)

Better than Historical Methods

This in-depth customer case study presents an interesting consumer product simulation: Designing Premium Racing Wheels: Tokyowheel. Using SimScale’s CFD analysis capabilities, Tokyowheel obtained the same results as those provided by on-premises software, with a substantially smaller investment.

SimScale enabled Tokyowheel to perform fluid flow analyses of strategically different wheel designs in parallel and in a timely manner.

A traditional local workstation has many limitations related to running performances. By using SimScale’s cloud-based platform, Tokyowheel’s team was able to run significantly more simulations, and, in turn, iterate more design changes. Each design change was quickly implemented in CAD, and immediately tested in the SimScale environment to inform further work, which contributed to a superior final product.

Templates of Consumer Product Simulations

Here is a selection of the main product categories that could be analyzed with SimScale and different analysis templates that can be found in the Public Projects library:

  • Consumer goods design testing car cabin airflow simulation cfd analysis

    Car Cabin Airflow Simulation

    Food and Beverages – A simple bottle opener could be simulated before sent to the 3D printer to ensure its performance

  • Consumer Electronics – A casing of a mobile phone is tested when being dropped from 2-meter height

All the consumer product simulations presented in this article can be copied, imported into your own workspace and used as templates. Feel free to browse the SimScale Public Projects for other interesting simulations.

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