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SimScale Drone Challenge: Design, Optimize, Simulate

BlogCAE HubSimScale Drone Challenge: Design, Optimize, Simulate

Last week, we announced the SimScale Drone Challenge. In this challenge, participants are encouraged to use simulation to improve the performance of a miniature, 3D-printed quadcopter.

The four main metrics that are critical for improving the design are:

  1. Increasing the lift
  2. Reducing the weight
  3. Maintaining the structural integrity of the frame
  4. A 3D-printable design
    SimScale Drone Challenge, diy drone design, drone cad 3d model, quadcopter
    CAD Model of a 3D-Printed Quadcopter

Win Your Own Drone Design

The really exciting aspect of this challenge is that the participants are asked to modify an existing drone design that was provided by Nathan Kau—a very talented drone designer and high school student.

The top three submissions will receive a 3D-printed assembly of their drone, remote controller, and electronic accessories that they can put together at home.

On top of that, the first place winner will be awarded simulation training and a one-year subscription for the SimScale Professional Plan, which will grant him or her access to all simulation features and 3000 core hours that can be used for private projects!

Resources for Getting Started

This challenge comes after a highly successful SimScale Drone Workshop. This four-session workshop introduced SimScale users to a variety of analysis types, primarily focusing on: propeller aerodynamics, displacements of the drone arm under different lift forces, virtual drop crash impacts, and vibrations. There is a wealth of resources from this workshop available on our forum.

We have already seen a few drone projects introduced in the Public Project Library this past week, so we welcome anyone who has a passion and interest to join the Drone Challenge!

The submission deadline falls on the 29th of February 2016.

To discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale, download the document below.


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