SimScale Community News – February 19, 2016

SimScale Community News

Here are the highlights from around the SimScale Community for this past week. Look for a SimScale Community News post each Friday.

Most Active Users this Week

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Must-See Public Projects brought by SimScale Community News

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Forum Highlights

We’ve just added a new section to the forum for collaboration and community support. If you need help with a public project that you are working on post your project link here to get help from the entire SimScale Community.

Collaboration and Community Support

Challenges, Workshops, and Webinars

The Drone Challenge has been extended

Several of our users have requested an extension for the the Drone Challenge we have moved the submission date to March 15, 2016 at 11:59 pm CET. We’re excited to see all of the designs!

There’s still time to sign up for the 3D Printer Workshop

Are you a 3D printer enthusiast? During  the SimScale 3D Printer workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of engineering simulations and will expand their knowledge by improving the design of the RepRap 3D printer.

Getting started with SimScale or interested in learning data post-processing?

Getting Started with SimScale Webinar


Getting Started with SimScale Webinar

This webinar is specially formulated to suit the needs of new users. We’ll give you a crisp introduction to SimScale and show you everything you need to have a successful entry into the world of web-based engineering simulation.


Data Post-Processing with SimScale Webinar


Data post-processing with SimScale Webinar

This webinar will cover the topics of basic post-processing and advanced data visualization with SimScale as well as offline data post-processing using ParaView.


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