SimScale — One of the Drone Companies to Watch in 2016

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After the drone workshop‘s success, we are proud to announce that SimScale was named by UAV Coach one of the 70 drone companies to watch in 2016!

At the end of last year we organized a 4 sessions workshop for all the drones enthusiasts and builders interested in learning simulation to better design their products.

Engaging more than 200 participants, the workshop taught them how to investigate different development areas of an existing drone design from both real world and simulation perspectives.

With the possibility to watch the recorded webinars, read the discussions on the forum and even use existing simulations from the Public Projects, you can perform your own tests and optimizations, using engineering simulation to design and develop your drone.

One of the Drone Companies to Watch

The Sessions of the Drone Workshop

The first session was about the optimization of the drone’s propeller. We investigated two different designs which differentiate the propeller’s shape and pitch as well as its housing.

The second session focused on structural simulations of assemblies. This session includes an introduction to the fundamentals of FEA and some advanced features like contact definition, ramping and the influence of mesh refinement on the simulation result. In this webinar, we analyzed how the load of the propeller will deform the drone’s arm.

diy drone arm fea simulation von mises stress

The topic of the third session was virtual drop crash simulation. Simulating the impact of the drone for several velocities helped us determine the critical falling velocity for the design.

In the fourth session of our workshop, we investigated the impact of vibrations.

Next Challenge for Drone Enthusiasts

The journey has been fun so far, and we promise to make it even more interesting this year with contests, workshops, resources and more for drone companies, designers and makers in general.

In the meantime, stay tuned for our next Drone Challenge, which will give you the opportunity to win your own 3D printed drone. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss the start!

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.

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