SimScale meets Danish Delegation – Avanti People

Avanti People visit SimScale

A few weeks ago we warmly greeted high-ranking guests from Scandinavia here at SimScale. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark made it possible for our team to meet and host a delegation of Danish business consultants from Avanti People — a consulting firm which solves problems in management, organisational development, business innovation and IT services. During our meeting, we discussed about cloud-based engineering simulation and how it could affect the concept of Industry 4.0.

Following a short presentation about engineering simulation and SimScale, we had a longer discussion about different topics which are related to our vision for the future of product development and our business model.

This was a valuable enrichment experience because it showed us new perspectives for the application of engineering simulation, especially in accordance with the growing importance of automated and connected manufacturing, enhanced collaboration and distributed development.

Cloud-based CAE discussion with Avanti People

Of particular interest to our guests was how a wide scale usage of engineering simulation will affect the whole ecosystem of engineering in the future: like CAD did in the 80s, cloud-based CAE will change the whole paradigm of product development. This does not mean to replace physical testing by simulation but rather refers to a more data-driven, transparent and iterative way of designing better products in a shorter time frame with less resources and costs.

Simulation Driven Product Development Process - SimScale

Finally we had a tour through the SimScale office and introduced our visitors to our managing directors, David Heiny and Vincenz Dölle.

Despite the different professional backgrounds, between our companies there are several overlaps. For example, Scrum (an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology) is being used in both companies to manage software and general development processes.

It was a great pleasure to meet the folks from Avanti People. We would also like to express our thanks to the Danish consulate which made this meeting happen.

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