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December’s Public Simulation Projects: The Quick List

BlogCAE HubDecember’s Public Simulation Projects: The Quick List

December has been a particularly busy time here at SimScale, following our launch of the SimScale Community. Every day, users from all over the world contribute to our simulation projects library, growing the number of simulations publically available to all users. Let’s have a quick look at some of the projects that have been created.

Sudden Expansion of a Pipe (vgullapalli)

Community Projects - Sudden Expansion of a Pipe cfd analysis simulation

In this project, there is a sudden expansion of the pipe from 10 mm to 30 mm with an inlet velocity of 5 m/s. The diameter ratio of 1:3 should give a loss coefficient of 0.8 [k=(1-AreaRatio)²] and an expected pressure drop of around 10 kPa or 10.1 m²/s² (density 997 kg/m³) based on the equations in the standard literature.

Airflow around a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Iria)

Airflow around a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine cfd simulation

In this study of the airflow around the turbine, SimScale user, Iria, is using the multiple reference frame (MRF) technique to do simulations all around a vertical turbine, while changing the flow direction every 30°.

 Bolt Prestressing (rszoeke)

Bolt Prestressing fea simulation von mises stress

This project shows how to model pre-stress in a bolt using a new feature called “fictitious clearance”, which is available for physical contact. It adds a virtual layer onto the contact surfaces with a thickness that can be a function of time or the mesh coordinates, which means you can have an increasing pre-stressing on the bolt.

External Flow around a Helmet with a Go Pro (gstetson)

External Flow around a Helmet with a Go Pro cfd analysis simulation

In this project, the external flow around a helmet with a GoPro is visualized. The aerodynamics can then be compared to the same helmet without a GoPro attached.

Transport Bracket (Duffman)

Transport Bracket von mises stress fea simulation

A static analysis of a transport bracket used to lift a 160 kg injection molding tool to determine the stresses.

Thermal Analysis of a Resistor (kturnbull)

Thermal Analysis of a Resistor

This simulation analyzes three power resistors and their heat dissipation. The aim is to determine whether the temperature at the fuse is sufficient to melt solder (180-200 °C) at one end and operate the fuse in three different current loading scenarios.

Let’s ring in the New Year with some more great simulations!

The purpose of a helmet is to protect the human head from sustaining a head injury during an impact. In this project, the impact on a human skull, both with and without a helmet, was simulated with a nonlinear dynamic analysis. Download this case study for free.


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