It’s the Time of Year for a SimScale Challenge

SimScale Challenge

Yesterday we announced the Go with the Flow Challenge, the first of our new SimScale Challenge Series.

What is the Go with the Flow Challenge?

The idea of the SimScale Challenge Series is to host interesting simulation challenges that allow members of the SimScale Community to showcase their projects and fine-tune their simulation skills. This first challenge asks participants to create a unique CFD project in Public Projects, post-process the results, and report their findings in the project comments.

How to Participate?

  • Create a unique CFD simulation project in Public Projects.
  • Post-process the results of your simulation online or locally on your machine using ParaView.
  • Report all results, post-processing images, and other analysis considerations in the project comments.

Submitting an Entry for this SimScale Challenge

  • When you create your project, write the tag phrase GO WITH THE FLOW in the project description.
  • Submit a public link of the project in the forum [Go with the Flow – Project Submissions] before the deadline.

Selecting Winners

  • A panel of SimScale CFD experts will judge the projects and select the winners based on:
    • Overall concept
    • Accuracy of the setup
    • Post-processing images and results


1st place: SimScale Professional Training + 2000 core hours + 100 € Amazon gift card + SimScale Gift Box

2nd place: 1000 core hours + 100 € Amazon gift card + SimScale Gift Box

3rd place: 500 core hours + 100 € Amazon gift card + SimScale Gift Box

Deadline: January 4, 2016 11:59 PM CET

So what are you waiting for? Go with the flow and start simulating!

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