October & November’s SimScale Blog Highlights

December brought big news from SimScale: engineering simulation became practically free with the new SimScale Community plan and the SimScale Connector App for Onshape was launched just two days ago.

October and November also brought some news and useful posts on the SimScale blog; in case you’ve missed some of them, here are the highlights:

75 Years of the Finite Element Method (FEM)

Stress analysis of a manifold - SimScale blog

Many specializations under Mechanical Engineering’s umbrella are using integrated FEM in product design and development. This article talks about the beginnings of the Finite Element Method and the last 75 years using it.

Relief Valve Analysis with 6 DoF Motion

Relief Valve Analysis with 6 DoF Motion cfd analysis software- SimScale blog

The SimScale Public Projects contains 200 simulations which you can use as templates for your own. There you can find several valve analyses created to help you improve your products faster and more efficiently. The most recent project is this analysis, which simulates the opening of a pressure relief valve using 6 DoF body motion.

5 Things To Be Considered by HVAC Manufacturers

HVAC simulation - SimScale blogThe heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC) is facing major changes due to technological progress and emergence of Internet of Things (IoT). With new products being launched every day, HVAC equipment manufacturers are looking for new ways to meet the growing customer needs and the industry standards regarding energy efficiency, comfort and performance. In this article you’ll find some tips to be considered by HVAC professionals and companies, based on the industry’s evolution and trends.

Why SimScale? Ben Lewis Tells Us His Story on SimScale Blog

Ben Lewis - SimScale blog

Ben Lewis is the President of Custom Machines. With over ten years of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, he works on challenging projects in many industry verticals such as mining, rolling stock, confectionery, agriculture, and manufacturing. Over a year ago Ben Lewis became a user of SimScale and started incorporating the platform in his work. Pawel Sosnowski, the Lead Sales Engineer at SimScale, had the pleasure of talking with Ben about his experience with SimScale.

SimScale Reaches 50000 Users and Growing

SimScale 50 000 users - SimScale blog

In January this year we were announcing that SimScale hit 10.000 users milestone. Now, 9 months later, we are happy to welcome 40.000 additional users to SimScale! It’s really exciting for us to see that 50.000 professionals from all over the world are using our browser-based platform for their simulation needs. Working in more than 15 different industries, our users are performing Structural Mechanics (FEM), Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermodynamics, Acoustics, or Particles analyses to improve their designs.

Increasing Child Safety Using Simulation for Car Seat Design

Malaika child car seat - SimScale blog

To meet the extreme child seat design standards, the engineers at Malaika implemented rigorous product testing and design verification procedures at both the component-level and system-level. The SimScale platform has been a requisite part of this process and a series of component simulations have been done to validate the structural integrity of the primary ISOfix connection to the main chassis and the adjustment rack. Read this customer success story here.

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