3 Ways to Collaborate on the SimScale Platform

Did you know that the SimScale platform offers different ways of how you and your team can interact and collaborate on your simulation projects?

Well, if this is something that you could benefit from, check the 3 tips we have put together for you:

1. Project Sharing


Collaborate on simulation projects with SimScale

Within the workspace you can find the blue “Share project” button, which gives access to the basic sharing functionality. The option allows you to share a copy of a specific SimScale project with another SimScale user. This person can either be one of your colleagues who is also using SimScale, a client or a member of the SimScale support team. By typing in the email address of the recipient, you can send an invitation to them to accept the copy of your project.

Please note that the copy of your project is made once the recipient accepts your invitation. This means that if you share your project but continue working on it, the recipient will get the version of your project that exists in the moment he accepts the invitation.

2. Generate Public Link


Generate public link SimScale

The second option is to “Generate public link” for your project. With this link, any other SimScale user can import your project into his workspace. You will get a notification email each time your link is being used.

Please note that the public link always refers to your current version of the project. This means that you can create the link, share it, and continue working on the project, while at the same time another user who clicks on your link can get the lastest version of your work.

3. Collaborate and Share with Support


Share project on SimScale

With the third option, “Share project with support”, you can provide the SimScale support team with a copy of your project. Ideally, explain your project in detail and mention what type of assistance you are requesting. A member of the SimScale support team will then have a look at your project and provide you with assistance to help you complete the simulation project.

If you are interested in reading more about how to use the full potential of the SimScale platform, discover our Documentation on the website.

If you want to start collaborating on your projects, log in to the SimScale platform and follow the steps.

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