Highlights on the SimScale Blog

In case you’ve missed some of our blog articles in August or September, I would like to give you a summary of the highlights.

The biggest news is the launch of the SimScale Forum, which is already becoming very popular for CAE. Take a look! 

We’ve also wrote about new learning resources, trends in different industries and, as you might have seen, new features of the SimScale simulation platform.

Here are the must-reads:

9 Learning Resources to Get You Started with Simulation

How to learn SimScale

All the available learning resources to help you get started with the SimScale platform and make sure you use the full capability of the simulation platform.

SimScale Platform Update 08/2015

Engineering simulation with SimScale

Improvements and new features have been added to the SimScale platform, including for fluid flow simulation. Read the article and learn about them.

Introducing the SimScale Community Forum

SimScale forum

The purpose behind a forum was to create a place for all of the SimScale users and engineering enthusiasts to ask questions, share feedback, exchange ideas and join discussions about anything from the SimScale platform, CAE to CAD and product design in general. Join and be part of the CAE community.

Validation Case Highlights: Butterfly Valve

Validation - valve analysis SimScale

This validation case evaluates how a numerical simulation compares to a physical problem that has been measured experimentally. Must-read!

5 Simulation Projects for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC simulation with SimScale

HVAC systems are essential for a wide range of applications, from thermal comfort in office spaces and automobiles, to data center ventilation. This blog article gathers 5 simulations of HVAC systems that can be imported into your own workspace.

10 valve simulation projects in SimScale’s library

Gate valve simulation with SimScale

Taking into consideration the wide range of valve types available on the market, we have optimized the SimScale platform to meet all the simulation requirements for valve design. Ten projects to help you get started.

First collaborative project: Boat simulation

Boat simulation with SimScale

One of the most popular topics in the CAE forum currently is a collaborative project in which the engineers are simulating the free surface flow around a boat hull to predict the waterline on the hull, the steady waves created around the hull and especially the drag. You don’t want to miss this topic! Read more.

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