This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Articles

We’re back with our top 5 inspiring articles for Engineering Weekend. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


3D printing precious metals

DEVELOP3D article 3D printing precious metals - inspiring articles

The jewellery industry is no exception when it comes to innovation. Now using 3D printing for precious metals, jewelry designers might have endless possibilities to turn their ideas into reality.



Stanford researchers make artificial skin that senses touch

Engadget article - artificial substitute for skin

A team from Stanford University could change the lives of people with missing limbs. Hoping that their invention will help in building futuristic prostheses, the researchers have developed an artificial substitute for skin that is capable of sensing when it is being touched.



Microllatice metal is “world’s lighest material”, says Boeing

Dezeen article - Microllatice

Aerospace company Boeing might have just discovered the world’s lightest metal. Watch their movie to learn about the weight and strength of microllatice.



Crossrail: Inside Europe’s most ambitious engineering project

CNN article - Crossrail

The largest civil engineering project in Europe is making progress: The Crossrail expansion of London’s rail network is set to open in 2018. At a cost of $20 billion, the 56 kilometers (35 miles) of new tunnels, stations and interchanges will connect the outer suburbs to the city center and Heathrow airport.



How on Earth Could Trucks Move This 1,000-Ton Load?

Wired article

How can this huge pressurized vessel even be transported? Physics might help you understand why you need 7 trucks for the 946,000 kg load.


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