3 Valve Simulation Projects that You Should Not Miss

In a previous article, 10 valve simulation projects which can be found in the SimScale Project Library were presented. In addition to the technical details available for free, the projects in the library can be imported into your own workspace, making it as easy as possible to get started with computer simulation.

In this article, look at 3 of the latest projects and learn about the advantages that simulation can bring in valve design.

1. Analysis of Complex Valve Arrangements

Valve simulation projects with SimScale

One of the valve simulation projects in the SimScale library is this project which analyzes the effect of valve positions on fluid flow through a pipeline network. Using a system of butterfly valves, complex flow scenarios have been analyzed.

2. Flow through a Treadle Valve

Fluid flow through a treadle valve with SimScale

The simulation models the airflow through an open Treadle Valve used in air brakes. Meshing was done using snappyHexMesh with approximately 2,700,000 volume elements.

3. Validation Case Butterfly Valve: SimScale and Experimental Data

 Validation Case Butterfly Valve: SimScale and Experimental DataUsing the Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes (RANS) approach with Turbulence modelling, this numerical simulation was performed to validate the performance parameters for incompressible flow through an industrial scale Butterfly Valve.

The accuracy of the simulation is shown in the two charts above, which compare the simulation results with experimental data. Especially the flow rate, which is represented by the flow coefficient, is consistent with the experiment. Here you can find an article about this validation.

Also, we invite you to download this success story and see how 17% pressure loss reduction through a globe valve was achieved. 

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