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Introducing the New SimScale CAE Forum

BlogAbout SimScaleIntroducing the New SimScale CAE Forum

SimScale CAE Forum is Here!

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new SimScale CAE Forum!

The purpose behind a forum was to create a central place for all of the SimScale users and engineering enthusiasts to ask questions, share feedback, exchange ideas and join discussions about anything on the SimScale platform, from CAE to CAD and product design in general.

We aim to make simulation accessible to everyone who is interested in leveraging this powerful technology to design better products, so we hope that this forum will become a great resource for increasing CAE know-how for all our users.

CAE Forum SimScale


SimScale CAE Forum Forum Categories

You will currently find the following five main categories in the forum:

SimScale CAE Forum How to Get Started?

Below you will find a few quick tips to get you started with the SimScale CAE Forum:

  • You can access the forum via or directly through the link in the SimScale platform navigation

SimScale forum platform navigation

  • If you haven’t chosen a username before, you will first see a login page where you will be prompted to one. You won’t be able to change that username after, so make sure to choose wisely!
  • Welcome! After the log in, you should be able to see the SimScale CAE Forum. You can read the ‘Welcome Banner’ at the top to quickly learn how to navigate. You will also receive an email with more detailed instructions.
  • Looking for some answers? Check our FAQs or use the search icon in the upper-right corner to find existing topics
  • Have a question? Ask a question by clicking on the new topic button.
  • Want to join a discussion? Use the categories filter.
  • Submit any product suggestions you have to the Product Feedback category.
  • Be nice, considerate and stay on topic. Make sure you comply with our posting guidelines.

Visit the SimScale forum and become part of the global community of simulation enthusiasts!


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