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10 Valve Design Simulation Projects in the SimScale Library

Andreea Zaharia
BlogCFD10 Valve Design Simulation Projects in the SimScale Library

My previous article called 7 Trends in Valve Design (can be found here) revealed how simulation software can contribute to the development of high-quality valves. This time I’d like to focus more on how the SimScale cloud-based simulation platform can help businesses remove the large upfront investment of traditional simulation software by scaling to their needs.

Considering the wide range of valve types available on the market, the SimScale platform has been optimized to meet all the simulation requirements for valve design.

Here are some examples of valve design simulation projects that can be created to improve your design:

1. Water Flow Through a Gate Valve


gate valve design simulation

The project simulates the internal flow of water through a gate valve via steady state turbulent flow analysis with the k-omega SST model. The results include the velocity and pressure distribution across the valve and a 3D visualization of the streamlines.

2. Flow Analysis of a Double-Flanged Check Valve

double-flanged valve design simulation

After creating a 1.8 million cell mesh, the internal flow of water through a double-flanged check valve was simulated in this project. The study shows improvement and optimization potential of the valve design, as well as insight into the pressure distribution changes across the valve.

3. Stress Analysis of a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

 Stress Analysis of a Pressure Relief Valve with SimScale

Pressure relief valves (PRV) are used to increase the safety of thermal-hydraulic plants. For this analysis, a nonlinear static structural option was selected and two pressure boundary conditions were applied.

4. Thermostructural Analysis of a Steam Stop Valve

valve design Thermostructural Analysis of a Steam Stop Valve - simulation with SimScale

Steam stop valves are generally used in steam boiler plants to regulate the flow of steam from the boiler to the main steam pipe with the help of a movable plug. The results of this thermostructural analysis include the temperature and heat flux in the valve as well as the von Mises stress and strain magnitude in the whole body and seal.

5. Butterfly Valve Design Simulation

butterfly valve

This butterfly valve simulation was set up using the steady-state, incompressible flow simulation type applying a k-epsilon turbulence model. A velocity-inlet at the inlet patch and a pressure-outlet boundary condition at the outlet patch were used.

6. Ball Valve Flow Analysis

ball valve simulation

Creating a 1.5 million cell mesh with the automatic hex-dominant mesh operation for internal flow and applying a k-epsilon turbulence model for the simulation, this ball valve project took around 45 minutes on an 8 core machine.

7. Compressible Valve Fluid Flow Analysis

Compressible Valve Fluid Flow simulation with SimScale

Using the compressible fluid flow analysis type and a k-omega SST turbulence model to account for the turbulent effects of the flow, this valve simulation‘s results were obtained in 1 hour on a 4-core machine. With the automatic report generation of the SimScale platform, the documentation of the simulation setup with all the details―including boundary and initial conditions as well as automatically generated screenshots of the result fields  ― was generated.

8. Valve Under Internal Pressure

Valve under internal pressure - valve simulation with SimScale

This is an analysis of a pneumatic valve under an internal pressure load. Its focus was on the structural response of the valve housing to the pressure present in the inlet part of the valve. The results show the faults of the design and deliver important information for its optimization.

9. Optimization of a Globe Valve

Globe valve simulation with SimScale

The objective of this globe valve optimization project was to reduce the pressure loss of a globe valve. Taking into account the requirements of manufacturing and the opening and closing processes, four design changes were made and the new flow channel was simulated again in order to better understand the resulting changes in the flow behavior.

10. Flow Simulation of a Regulator Valve

Regulator valve simulation with SimScale - fluid flow

A turbulent flow simulation of a regulator valve is demonstrated in this regulator valve simulation. The automatic hex-dominant mesh operation for the internal flow was used to create two meshes of different fineness, aiming to see this characteristic’s impact on the analysis results.

SimScale offers a web-based, powerful, simulation platform that is not only easy to access but also provides all the functionalities needed for CFD, FEA, and thermal simulation, at a fraction of the price of others in the market.

If you want to read more about valve design simulation and how you can use SimScale for your projects and improve your valve design, here you can find more information.

Interested? Register for the 14 day trial of the Professional plan and keep your projects private.

Download this case study for free to learn how the SimScale CFD platform was used to investigate a ducting system and optimize its performance.


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