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The Latest Buzz at SimScale – Featured on

BlogAbout SimScaleThe Latest Buzz at SimScale – Featured on says, “SimScale is a small company with big aspirations for cloud-based CAE”.

In a recent feature story on, Shawn Wasserman, education and simulation editor, highlighted SimScale’s new focus on startup companies. asks the question in their headline: “Is Cloud-Based Simulation Affordable Enough to Dominate the Startup Market?” and showcases our intent with another statement: “SimScale is a small company with big aspirations for cloud-based CAE.”

Wasserman states, “the competition to provide cost-friendly simulation is heating up… SimScale appears to be the latest to target its CAE tools to individual consultants and small companies. These users will have access to the web-based simulation platform, training, and support from SimScale’s team of consultants.”

SimScale Featured in Article

He also highlights some key features about SimScale that our base of more than 20,000 users around the globe are already using:

  • Web-based platform
  • Multiple solvers: structural mechanics, thermal structural, fluid dynamics and acoustics
  • Share-ability and collaboration with clients
  • Fast compute times

And quotes:

“Engineering simulation is now available not just for the largest companies, but for start-ups,” said David Heiny, managing director of SimScale. “CAE/computer-aided engineering simulation can help startups bring their designs to reality more quickly than ever before. The startups that we are working with are creating a wide range of projects, including structural mechanics and thermodynamics designs.”

To keep up to date on other news and media features about the SimScale CAE platform, visit our press page. To share your own thoughts about your experiences with SimScale, please feel free to drop us a line at—we’d love to hear from you!


Read a more recent article about SimScale on and learn about the new Community plan: SimScale Brings the Price of CAE Down to Zero.

Download this case study for free to learn how the SimScale platform was used to investigate a ducting system and optimize its performance.


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