SimScale for Startups Brings Simulation to Small Businesses

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Startups now have the ability to use 3D engineering simulation without breaking the bank through the SimScale for Startups Program. At SimScale, we aim to help startup companies use simulation to make their designs reality by helping them develop their products better, faster and cheaper than was ever possible with traditional product development.

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Computer-aided engineering (CAE) software often requires a very significant upfront commitment of thirty to fifty thousand dollars, which is usually way beyond the budget of most startups. With the SimScale for Startups Program, eligible companies receive full access to the SimScale simulation platform, along with one-on-one support for a complimentary startup kickoff project from a SimScale consultant, and ongoing professional support from the SimScale team.

Additionally, startups will receive SimScale Professional Training, which provides hands-on learning that helps new users get up and running and optimize the technology on their projects as quickly as possible. The kickoff project and professional training is a value of €2,000, but that is waived for startups that sign a one-year contract.

For more details on the SimScale for Startups Program, write to us at

Why SimScale for Startups Program?

Many startups are already working with the SimScale simulation platform. Here are just a few:

SimScale is also planning new features that will help users share their projects and interact with each other. The SimScale Projects Library is a repository for users to look at projects that have already been published, copy and use them as templates for their own simulations.

SimScale now has more than 100,000 users (update 2018) that are simulating online. Join them! Sign up and get started simulating on SimScale!

SimScale for Startups
Get started simulating with SimScale today—you’ll be impressed with the results!

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