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Interview with SimScale Co-Founder Johannes Probst

BlogAbout SimScaleInterview with SimScale Co-Founder Johannes Probst

We’re starting a new feature called Co-Founders’ Corner, which will focus on sharing some insights about SimScale from our five co-founders. This week, we sat down with Johannes Probst for a look behind the scenes at SimScale.

SimScale Co-Founder Johannes Probst
Johannes Probst is the director of fluid dynamics and co-founder of SimScale GmbH. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Munich. During his studies, Johannes specialized in environmentally-sound energy systems and computational fluid mechanics. He also graduated from the Bavarian Elite Academy.

What do you do at SimScale?

I’m the person responsible for SimScale’s CFD functionality—computational fluid dynamics. We design and create new features, and my team makes sure that they work, are tested, validated and easy to use. I’m both an engineer and a passionate programmer and try to bring together the best of both worlds. Some of our users also know me from our SimScale Professional Training and our recent F1 workshops as a lecturer and moderator. I’m also one of the co-founders of SimScale, so I’ve been part of the team right from the start.

What is your typical day like at SimScale?

The first thing I always do in the morning is read my inbox, together with a cup of coffee. At 10:00, I join our daily scrum at the whiteboard for a brief talk with all other team members about the day’s top priorities and challenges. Each day is unique with new and very different topics like feature planning, development, customer support, webinars, management work, etc. SimScale is a dynamic company where things evolve quickly.

What are your favorite things about SimScale?

First of all, I’m proud that so many people out there use our CFD simulation features for their daily work to develop better products. And I love to pass on my knowledge about engineering and simulation in our free workshops. It’s really a great feeling to teach others how to simulate and to see their success.

What are your thoughts about SimScale’s growth?

I’m both happy and stunned. When we started a few years ago, I thought that simulation was far too complex to be ported to a web browser and delivered over the Internet. But the challenge was so appealing that we decided to try it. We were so excited when our first prototypes were running, and we realized that this can go much further than we had anticipated. Now, a few years later, our team has grown dramatically and we have more than 20,000 users from all over the world (update 2018: SimScale now has 100,000 users). We also offer an Academic Program, which allows students to use SimScale free of charge. There are so many talented engineering students around the world who now have access to simulation and can practice and learn by doing. We have exciting times ahead!

What are you most excited about for the future?

SimScale is a very creative environment which means that we have new ideas every day. There are a lot of blueprinted features waiting to be implemented and many of them are really exciting. The Internet allows us to deliver a simulation environment which can do much more than “just” simulate. We are changing the way engineers work and we keep getting a lot of positive feedback. This reassures me that we’re on the right track.


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