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We Welcome Two New Ph.D.s to the SimScale Team

BlogAbout SimScaleWe Welcome Two New Ph.D.s to the SimScale Team

The SimScale team is continuing to grow rapidly! During the last few months, we have welcomed many talented new employees to our engineering, IT architecture, sales, and marketing teams.

We are especially happy to welcome two new Ph.D. graduates at SimScale. We continue to build our technical leadership in our process of developing the industry’s first cloud-based engineering simulation platform.

Cristian Klein joined us in February as Chief Backend and Cloud Architect, and he will be responsible for building the SimScale architecture to ensure its scalability, elasticity, and availability for our user base in 190 countries around the world. Cristian has a Ph.D. from École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, France, and recently completed his post-doctoral work in distributed systems and cloud computing at Umeå University in Sweden.

Pawel Sosnowski joined us in January as our lead Sales Engineer. He will manage the technical aspects of our sales process, lead our technical customer support team, and conduct regular professional training sessions. Pawel has a Ph.D. in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics from the University of Trieste in Italy.

We are excited to be joined by so many talented people and are looking forward to helping our users complete successful simulations!

Pawel Sosnowski (on left) and Cristian Klein - part of the SimScale team
Pawel Sosnowski (left) and Cristian Klein (right)

Read this article written by Cristian Klein about the benefits of SaaS solutions: Things SaaS Providers Worry About So You Don’t Have To.

SimScale’s CEO David Heiny tests the capabilities of the platform to solve a real-life engineering problem. Fill in the form and watch this free webinar to learn more!


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