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SimScale Boosts Open Source Codes with Contributions

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale Boosts Open Source Codes with Contributions

Open source technology is an important part of the SimScale 3D engineering simulation platform, with open source codes such as OpenFOAM, CalculiX, Code_Aster and ParaView helping to power the solver, meshing, and visualization of SimScale’s web-based CAE platform.

However, we are not just another user of open source codes, we are an active contributor.

Just this week, we gave new life to Webstor, a high-performance library that provides access to object storage systems, such as Amazon’s S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

Among other contributions, Cristian Klein, our chief back-end and cloud architect at SimScale, implemented two new methods—”copy” and “copyPart”. These two innovative functions allow objects stored on the same cloud to be efficiently copied from one location to another—without having the data pass through the cloud user.

As our number of users is rapidly increasing, this contribution is part of SimScale’s ongoing effort to make the platform more scalable.

Open Source Codes


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