SimScale Announces New CAE Professional Training

SimScale Simulation Professional Training

Learning CFD and Structural Mechanics is easier than ever before, with SimScale Simulation Professional Training via your web browser.

Our next two CAE/ simulation professional training courses, Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics and Introduction to Structural Mechanics, will start in March. Each of these courses will take place in three online sessions and provide a comprehensive overview that will cover the theory behind the analysis, two homework assignments, and practical examples to help you get started on the SimScale platform.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the right training to fully utilize the SimScale platform and enhance your simulation experience.

The last CAE/ simulation professional training session that took place earlier this year in January sold out and was a huge success. We received a lot of really positive feedback from our clients that took part in the training.

“I really enjoyed the SimScale training. The trainer really knows what he’s talking about and was very helpful. There was a good mix of theory and practice, which is always good to see. I am very enthusiastic about the possibilities and have also been recommending SimScale to colleagues and friends who are looking for simulation alternatives.”  – Matthew Philpott, Director and Chief Engineer of FRED Consultancy

We want to make simulation easy and available for every engineer and designer; therefore everyone is welcome to join, no matter what skill level.

If you haven’t already, sign up here and save your spot today.

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