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SimScale Goes Back to School with the Academic Program

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale Goes Back to School with the Academic Program

SimScale Academic Program

The SimScale Academic Program provides students and professors with free cloud-based 3D engineering simulation.

In a move to strengthen engineering education, SimScale has opened up its cloud-based 3D engineering simulation platform for students, professors, and academic researchers to learn, teach, and use engineering simulation and related technologies.

Students at all levels can register for free and have complete access to a powerful simulation environment, anywhere, from any device. SimScale provides modern 3D rendering technology, interactive collaboration functionality and the connection to vast computing resources.

The SimScale Academic Program includes exclusive benefits such as contests, training, as well as the ability to publish your work, with rankings, incentives, recognition, and rewards.

Our engineering simulation platform is the first simulation tool that is available only via an Internet connection, with no expensive software or hardware required. There is no software to download on your laptop, and you don’t have to sit in the lab at school, so you can work remotely, anytime, for free. So what’s not to like? But there’s more!

Enter the Academic Launch Contest – First Prize is a €150 Gift Card!

Students that join this month can enter the SimScale Academic Launch Contest, with the top ten entries winning cool prizes. The first prize is a €150 gift card! Students can enter the contest until January 31, 2015, by submitting their visualization screenshot, which can be created based on the SimScale tutorials, online part libraries, or their own project.

1,000 Students are Already on the SimScale Platform – Join Today!

We already have more than 1,000 students on the SimScale platform, from all around the world. Sign up today and get started in the simulation community.

“After I heard about structural simulation in a lecture, I wanted to learn how to work with this technology. The versatile tutorials are combining theory and practice perfectly,” said Niklas Siwczak, a student at the University of Hannover.

Professors and Academic Researchers are Welcome to Join as Well!

The SimScale Academic Program focuses not only on traditional engineering areas and topics, like structural engineering, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics analyses but also on additional disciplines where simulation could help to improve quality and productivity, such as biomedical and regenerative engineering.

Hannover Medical School, one of the world’s leading university medical centers, is joining forces with SimScale as the first academic partner institution. As part of this cooperation, the first biomedical engineering and science simulation course will be created in Spring 2015, which will be open to medical students, biomedical engineers and scientists.

SimScale will be working directly with select academic institutions to build simulation courses and course modules, which are intended to be shared widely to the engineering education community. Professors and teachers, please sign up, and contact us directly if you are interested in teaching a course using SimScale!

Why is SimScale doing this?

SimScale believes that it is a major advantage for students to have hands-on access to simulation while still in school. They will graduate with experience in simulation tools, and that experience should be an advantage as they enter the competitive job market globally.

We also believe that simulation should be a standard tool for technical product development, not something that is reserved exclusively for simulation experts, but for a wide range of different industries and applications. So we have created the SimScale Academic Program to help to make students become more familiar with simulation right from the beginning of their studies.

SimScale itself was started as a spin-out of the Technical University of Munich, and we think that by engaging directly with students and professors, we can help develop engineering education and influence the next generation of engineers.

We hope to see you on our platform soon!


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