SimScale Platform Update 10/2014: Discrete Particle Analysis

Discrete Particle Analysis type and plenty of new features have been added to the SimScale simulation platform since the last product update. Find the details below and test the features today!


Multiple robustness improvements 

Through constant evaluation and usage of our users, the meshing operations of the SimScale platform could be made significantly more robust as well as faster in execution. The improvements include the better choice of default values as well as an improved feature detection regarding the used CAD model.


Advanced fluid flow boundary conditions

Two new boundary conditions for fluid flow simulations have been integrated: The profile boundary condition, for example, allows to assign a physical quantity varying over the exact position of a patch. Also possible is now the assignment of boundary conditions that vary in time as used in the air-intake simulation shown in the image.

Discrete Particle Analysis

A new type of analysis has been included to be able to simulate bulk material. The discrete element solver allows simulating industrial applications for bulk material processing such as mixing mills as shown in the image below.

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