SimScale Platform Update 09/2014: New Filters


The latest version of the SimScale platform again comes with new filters and many features and improvements of many parts of the platform workflow. Find the release notes of the platform update below.

Support Chat Functionality

From now on, you can consult the support team of SimScale via a chat window on the right. It’s currently not guaranteed that someone will be there at all times but the support team will answer your questions as soon as possible.

New Fluid Flow Boundary Conditions

Several new boundary conditions have been added to allow for more advanced simulation setups. For example, a new rotating wall boundary condition allow a more accurate modeling of fluid flow applications involving a rotating domains.

Improved Error Handling

The error handling mechanism of the platform has been improved significantly. More detailed messages and a better localization of the error will allow users to get more information for every problem that might occur during their simulation work.

New Filters

New types of data analysis tools have been integrated into the post-processing environment. The ‘Plot over line’ filter is just one of them.

Optimization of the Post-Processor User Interface

The user interface of the post-processor is continuously optimized to enable an intuitive and efficient result evaluation.

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