SimScale Platform Update 05/2014: Potential Flow

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The latest version of the SimScale platform comes with several new features and various workflow optimizations. Learn more about some of the highlights of this release below.

New Surface Mesh Option for Prismatic Boundary Layer Meshing

The mesh operation for prismatically refined boundary layer regions now has an additional option for how the surface mesh shall be generated. It can either be generated only consisting of triangles or mixed with quadrangular elements. This ensures that the user has more flexibility when using this mesh operation to generate meshes for fluid flow simulations.

New Analysis Type “Potential Flow” Available

potential flow CFD software SimScaleThe new analysis type “Potential flow” allows the user to solve Laplace’s equation and compute the velocity potential from which the velocity field is derived.

Potential flow is considered to be a very basic form of fluid flow and is often used to initialize steady-state simulations.

Initialization via Potential Flow

Several fluid flow analysis types can now be initialized via a potential flow solution. This allows a significant reduction of the necessary iterations to find a stationary state of a fluid flow and thereby saves computing time.

New Result Control Items

Additional result control items enable an even more efficient evaluation of simulation results. For example, the new particle tracing result control item defines a source for a passive scalar inside the flow field that allows the study of the mixing behavior of fluid flows very efficiently.

Saving Result Evaluations

The filter pipeline of the post-processor can now directly be saved inside a project and loaded for later review of the result evaluation.

Optimization of the Post-processor User Interface

The user interface of the post-processor is continuously optimized to enable an intuitive and efficient result evaluation.

Read also about our previous product update, which brought a new capability for mesh quality visualization.

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.

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