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SimScale Platform Update 04/2014: Tetrahedral Meshing Algorithm

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale Platform Update 04/2014: Tetrahedral Meshing Algorithm

tetrahedral meshing algorithm

New features available! With the latest release, many smaller improvements to the workflow on SimScale, as well as new features for fluid flow analysis, have been added.

Mesh Creator

Change of Base-Geometry

The CAD model that a mesh operation is based on can now be changed directly. That way, a change in geometry can directly be uploaded to SimScale, used as a new basis for a mesh and a simulation can be repeated.

Local Tet-Meshing Refinement — Tetrahedral Meshing Algorithm

A new mesh operation based on the tetrahedral meshing algorithm allows the user to specify entities of the CAD model that shall be locally refined.

Simulation Designer

Rotating Domains

Both steady state, as well as transient incompressible fluid flow simulation types now allow the definition of rotating domain parts.

New Result Control Items

New control items allow the analysis of the simulation results during runtime. An example is the dimensionless wall distance y+.


Improved User Interface

The user interface of the result viewer has been enhanced with several new options.

Automatic Report Generation

All result control items, including convergence behavior plots, are now automatically integrated into the reports generated with SimScale.

Read more about meshing with SimScale here.

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.


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