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CAE / Computer-Aided Engineering in the Cloud: Emotions

BlogAbout SimScaleCAE / Computer-Aided Engineering in the Cloud: Emotions

CAE in the cloud

From the first day of the development of the SimScale platform and more readily since the official launch of the platform in July, I often talked with engineers, journalists and other people in the CAE / Computer-Aided Engineering field about “the challenges of the cloud”. Plenty of interesting articles have been written, and so many discussions arose regarding that topic such that there is no need for another long essay on it. But maybe it’s time to draw the first small conclusion about my experiences so far: Emotions.

I often had the impression that the discussions I witnessed about using remote computing capacity and both the pros and cons on it, were very emotional and driven by deep beliefs.

There were harsh opinions on both ends—from “I will never put my data somewhere else than on my computer” to “within a short time, everything will be in the cloud”. As with many discussions, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Putting the emotions aside, what remains is an individual consideration of the risks that a user takes on when using a cloud-based solution and the added value it brings. Switching to a new software and implementing new processes for it always implies certain risks for a company.

In the case of a SaaS solution, the dependency on an Internet connection is added. On the other hand, with SaaS, gaining scalability through on-demand computing power, efficiency through new ways of collaboration and flexibility through pay-as-you-go pricing can generate a competitive advantage. Whether these added values overweigh the challenges of using the new software depends on the individual project or the company it shall be used in.

This way of putting it is probably a bit dry. But what I believe is not dry is our mission at SimScale to make the aforementioned added values greater and more convincing week by week, such that this new way of accessing simulation capacity becomes compelling to increasingly more engineers.

Is there a specific reason that would be critical for you to adopt an engineering SaaS solution? It would be great if you share it with us!

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