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Compressible Fluid Flow with the SimScale CAE Platform

BlogAbout SimScaleCompressible Fluid Flow with the SimScale CAE Platform

airfoil simulation SimScale compressible fluid flow

Since the last update, the functionality of the SimScale platform has improved even more. We have extended the fluid flow analysis types with the capability to model transient compressible fluid flow. The simulations can be laminar or turbulent, using k-epsilon or k-omega SST turbulence models.

Once a new compressible simulation is created, the tree widget leads the user through the necessary steps of completely defining the analysis. Useful starting points for numerical schemes, linear solvers, and thermophysical models are provided throughout the entire workflow.

To get started quickly, there is an example of the external flow around an airfoil available in our library. The picture below shows the pressure field of the last time step of the simulation.

If you would like to set up your own compressible CFD analysis, the associated extensive tutorial is available on the platform’s wiki.

As always, we are very interested in your opinion and feedback to make the SimScale platform better step by step. Please feel free to reach out to the SimScale support team anytime!

SimScale’s CEO David Heiny tests the capabilities of the platform to solve a real-life engineering problem. Fill in the form and watch this free webinar to learn more!


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