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Release of the SimScale Cloud-Based Simulation Platform

BlogAbout SimScaleRelease of the SimScale Cloud-Based Simulation Platform

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The entire SimScale team is excited to announce the release of the first official version of the SimScale platform. The platform has been developed in a simulated market model during the last few months while receiving constant feedback from the users of our Early Access Program.

There have been plenty of opinions and suggestions on how the work with the platform could become faster, easier and ultimately more efficient. Thanks to all EAP users for the help to bring the platform to its current version!

With this latest release, we have enhanced the capabilities of the platform with new features which will be introduced soon. The options to refine specific regions of the mesh, as well as add fine boundary layer cells enables the user to create sophisticated meshes for fluid mechanical simulations. Moreover, new material models were introduced to enable the modelling of more advanced applications.

There have been many other small and large improvements to the platform, such as pushing the fast rendering of meshes to larger sizes and providing the option to upload user-defined simulation setups to mention a few.

We believe that this release brings us one step closer to the vision of providing engineers with the simulation technology they need in an open, efficient, and flexible manner.

On the other hand, this version of the SimScale simulation platform is just the beginning. The team is already working on the next features to push the platform further.

How to Try the SimScale Simulation Platform

If you do not yet have a SimScale account, simply sign up in 2 minutes and look around. We have just updated the first tutorial and the “getting started” section, to provide a neat overview of the platform and—if you like— it is possible to run your first analysis within ten minutes.

As always, we are very interested in your opinion and feedback on the platform—shoot us an email, use the helpdesk section of the platform or contact us. We are looking forward to talking to you!

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.


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