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Introducing the SimScale Public Projects Library

BlogAbout SimScaleIntroducing the SimScale Public Projects Library

The vision of the SimScale platform is to provide engineers and scientists with an efficient and flexible access to powerful modelling and simulation technology.

SimScale Project Library

Recently, a new feature has been added to the platform that contributes to the efficiency of work with SimScale: the Public Projects Library.

It enables users to browse a variety of publicly available simulation projects and search within them. Once a specific project is found, it is possible to copy and import it into your own workspace with a single click and gain access to the detailed simulation setup and the results.

Why is that efficient? Starting something from scratch is more time-consuming than adapting an existing solution. This holds also true for setting up a numerical analysis.

During the work with customers and testers from the Early Access Program, we realized that users got up to speed much faster up on speed when they started with example simulations than starting with an empty interface.

public projects

The project library now provides the opportunity to store these example projects in a conveniently accessible way. More and more projects are added every day.

How it works. The screenshot above shows a part of the project library, either accessible within the platform or here.

Simply type in keywords of the analysis required. For example, laminar, structural or hex-dominant—the library will automatically show you the relevant projects.

Clicking on one of the projects shows more information on the simulation—among others, the metadata shown in the figure below. If the simulation fits your purpose, clicking on “Actions” and then “Copy” while being logged in to the platform is enough to get the project into your personal workspace.

The project will be instantly visible within the personal workspace. Now, all details of the simulation are accessible and the user can see how exactly it has been set up including the CAD file, mesh, and results.

Therefore the library enables the user to start with an existing simulation rather than setting up everything from scratch.

The workflow of the SimScale platform makes it possible to import a library project, create a mesh for another geometry, change the mesh and start another run of the simulation. This means getting the relevant results much faster.

In essence, this efficient working means ‘getting things done’—and this is what the projects library is about. We are looking forward to your opinion and feedback to further improve the library.

SimScale’s CEO David Heiny tests the capabilities of the platform to solve a real-life engineering problem. Fill in the form and watch this free webinar to learn more!


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