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Cloud-Based Mesh Generation with SimScale

BlogAbout SimScaleCloud-Based Mesh Generation with SimScale

One of the primary advantages of developing a browser-based user interface in a very close-to-market setting such as SimScale is the fact that there is instant feedback on many user interface features shortly after release.

We try to validate interface designs as soon as possible and use the hands-on experiences of our Early Access Program users to make each part of the SimScale cloud-based platform better or add parts that are desired the most.

Mesh Generation with the SimScale Platform

One component of the SimScale platform that was redesigned and released in the latest version is the mesh creator which is used for mesh generation and can be seen below.

Mesh generation on the SimScale platform

The design objective was to be able to handle the different mesh creation processes that are already there or that we will integrate in the next time—ranging from fully automated algorithms to rather iterative, step-by-step “mesh building” approaches.

On the other hand—as always—the concept should be as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible!

After discussions with our test users, it was decided that an operation-based approach will be used allowing the user to revert back at any time, add another operation or just use a single automated operation.

We are currently working on providing more meshing operations to expand the scope of the mesh types available on the SimScale platform.

Similarly, we are enhancing the support for uploaded mesh files since the user should be able to decide whether or not use their own software for the meshing or the functionality provided by the platform.

What are your thoughts? If you would like to give the SimScale mesh generation a try, simply create an account for the platform via the SimScale website. We are happy to receive your opinion and we will keep using the feedback to make the platform better.

Post-processing image with SimScale

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.


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