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Transient, Turbulent Flow Analysis with SimScale

BlogAbout SimScaleTransient, Turbulent Flow Analysis with SimScale

The latest update of the SimScale Early Access Program makes transient, turbulent flow analysis now possible. Here is a little sneak peek at what it means to set up such an analysis on the SimScale platform.

How to Perform a Transient, Turbulent Flow Analysis?

Starting off in the Mesh Creator tab, the boundary layer refinement meshing strategy is used to create a tetrahedral volume mesh with a refined prismatic boundary layer for the example pipe. With this mesh, we can create a new simulation within the Simulation Designer.

Setting up the simulation step by step, we chose the necessary parameters, applied the initial and boundary conditions that are subsequently instantaneously highlighted within the 3D Viewer.

After we have moved completely through the simulation designer tree, the simulation is completely specified. We chose an 8-core system for the computation of this analysis and started the simulation.

A few minutes later the simulation was completed. The results can be visualized, downloaded or filtered within the Post-Processor tab.

Turbulent flow analysis with SimScale
The screenshot above demonstrates the computed pressure field in the pipe which had two different inlets.

Since transient, turbulent flow analysis can be very resource intensive, the scalability of the SimScale platform is a distinct advantage—you are free to run an arbitrary number of simulations in parallel on the hardware of your choice.

Read this previous blog article which talks about another SimScale platform update: thermomechanical modelling.

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