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Designing CAE Workflows with SimScale

BlogAbout SimScaleDesigning CAE Workflows with SimScale

While creating the user interface of the SimScale platform, we are constantly trying to design CAE workflows that are fast and also intuitive. This and the fact that the SimScale UI is entirely browser-based are the reasons that we designed some parts—especially some of the pre-processing steps—in a different way to other simulation software.

One of these parts currently under testing in the Early Access Program (EAP) is the new way of choosing an analysis type (see the screenshot below).

Uncoupled thermomechanical analysis with SimScale - CAE workflows

CAE Workflows

During the Early Access Program, the feedback was that when starting to model an application, users tend not to have the entire modelling strategy in mind.

This is especially true when they haven’t set up a similar simulation before. We, therefore, developed an easy and convenient way of flipping through possible analysis types in the beginning of the classical pre-processing steps to help users choose the correct type.

The idea is to show a few application examples and give a rough description of the capabilities of the analysis type to back up the user’s decision, as to which analysis type might suit their application.

We are curious if the SimScale EAP users will like it or not.

Want to learn more about SimScale and its capabilities? Find more information on our website.

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