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30 Days of Early Access to SimScale

BlogAbout SimScale30 Days of Early Access to SimScale

The test version of our cloud-based CAE platform SimScale has now been online for almost thirty days and we are very happy to have gathered a great deal of positive feedback and improvement suggestions.

Engineers, University staff, and graduate students have provided valuable input on interface design, workflow, and features they would like to have in the next release.

Several of the hints have already been implemented. The newest version supports the upload of third-party mesh formats to ensure convenient integration into established workflows.

After upload, the mesh is converted instantaneously and displayed within the browser interface, where the user can interact with it in 3D. In addition, we have included many of the suggestions into our development plan for the coming months.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the SimScale platform. We will do our best to implement them as soon as possible.

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.


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